Wednesday, 14 November 2012 17:52

Straight Teacher Accused Of Turning Student Lesbian

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A straight high school teacher found herself accused to have turned a student lesbian.

Juliet Hibbs, teacher at Deerfield Beach High School in Florida, "was shocked by the charges" and by the principal's decision to have the district pursue the matter after parents accused Hibbs to have contributed to their daughter's homosexuality, SunSentinel reports.

According to the report of investigation, the student, 18, decided not to return and live with her parents following the bullying of her stepfather on Twitter.

Hibbs testifies besides that "as each message came, she (the student) got smaller."

"I watched her get destroyed," she added.

The parents, far from feeling faulty, accused Hibbs not to have told them that their daughter was lesbian and thus to have probably contributed to her orientation and her running away.

Hibbs told the newspaper the complaint should have been handled by the school and she believes the district investigation was an attempt to bully her for being too outspoken on other school issues.

According to the district report, the student said an abuse counselor told her she didn't have to go home because she was of age. Of Hibbs, she said the allegations were far-fetched since a straight woman couldn't make someone become a lesbian.