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Friday, 22 April 2011 21:41

Tennessee Antigay School Bill Approved

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In Tennessee the Don’t Say Gay bill was approved to prevent students from getting information about homosexuality in public elementary and middle schools.

It prohibits all the professors until the eighth grade to discuss homosexuality in the class.

A similar law is already exists in the state which prohibits professors from teaching sex education which is not part of the state Board of Education’s “family life curriculum”.

So this bill is not new but, if voted by the senate, it will make stronger the first law. Two amendments compose this bill. The first to require the Board of Education to investigate if any teaching on homosexuality takes place and to put forth recommendations concerning what should be made.

The second to place an explicit prohibition on teaching about homosexuality in the Board of Education’s standards of education once the review is accomplished the next year.

Senator Stacey Campfield, which sponsors this bill, indicated that: “The bill is neutral. We should leave it to families to decide when it is appropriate to talk with children about sexuality – specifically before the eighth grade.”

Always the same argument ...



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