Sunday, 26 May 2013 00:47

Texas Lesbian Couple Blocks From Living Together

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In a divorce case, a judge in Texas has added a "morality clause" prohibiting a woman from living with her new partner.

Judge John Roach Jr, of Collin County, thinks indeed that as the state of Texas does not authorize marriage for same-sex couples that means they are not allowed to co-habitate too.

As a result, Carolyn Compton can't live with her partner as long as her children are also in the house what is completely disgusting. Moreover, this clause does not have any expiration date.

Compton has from now on to continue this legal battle to have the right to live with her lover, battle which could end up in the U.S Supreme Court, whereas she just wished to divorce. She could consider to appeal the decision first.

In Texas, as The Associated Press reports, the morality clause is common and applies to every divorce case file. It usually applies while a divorce is pending and restricts either party from having a partner stay overnight while children are present. But, in Compton's case, the clause was added to the final divorce decree, meaning Page must leave the home they have shared for three years.