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Thursday, 27 July 2017 22:27

Texas Senate approves anti-trans bill

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In Texas, the anti-trans bill advances a little more. The Senate Bill 3, which would legalize discrimination against transgender people, has received approval from the State Affairs committee and the Senate.

Despite hours of testimony against the bill, the State Affairs committee approved the bill by an 8-1 vote. The Senate then approved it by 21-10.

If the bill becomes law, we know there will be disastrous for the state of Texas. The Texas Tribune already reports the mayors of Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio have predicted massive losses in tourism. Dallas tourism officials expect a $1 billion loss in hotel bookings. In San Antonio, they could lose thousands of jobs and millions in contracts.

There will be a boycott like in North Carolina by artists, companies or sports teams. Large companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have already displayed their dissatisfaction.

Also, the state of California has banned any travel of state employees to Texas. This means that conferences are canceled. This has an economic impact for the city that hosts the conferences.

"Encouraging discrimination against fellow Texans serves no one, and with Texas’ largest employers opposed to SB 3, it is sure to cause a devastating economic panic," said Sarah Kate Ellis, president of GLAAD, in a statement.

The bill needs a new approval of the Senate before the vote of the House.

Photo by Todd Wiseman / Texas Tribune


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