Tuesday, 31 January 2017 02:12

Texas Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Equal Social Benefits In March

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In Texas a straight couple has challenged the city of Houston to prevent it from extending spouse benefits to same-sex partners.

The Texas courts initially refused to hear the case, but the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general pushed the case to the Texas Supreme Court and they won because the Supreme Court will hear the arguments in March. The question of the legalization of marriage equality is therefore again raised.

The couple who launched the case argue that a city is not required to provide social benefits to the spouses of its employees and that it is perfectly constitutional for certain married couples to access these benefits or subsidies while the others are not allowed to do so. In short, the arguments are totally disgraceful, even if it is true that a city is not obliged to offer benefits to its employees, but as soon as the married straight couples receive them, there is no reason why same-sex couples are not equally entitled to do so.

The Conservatives hope this case will open the door to challenge the legalization of marriage equality not only in the state of Texas but also at the national level.


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