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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 23:04

Texas Wants Equality For 'Traditional Values'

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The Texas House of Representatives voted a law which would force universities to fund a center with “traditional values” each time they fund a students' center on “alternative” sexuality.

The problem here, as reports insidehighered, is that the inclusion of the measure in the overall budget bill and the dominance of social conservatives in Texas politics means that the measure could well be enacted.

We could say that we understand they want the equality but it is not their goal. The Young Conservatives of Texas, a group who worked with Representative Wayne Christian who support the amendment, hope public universities cease supporting the existing centers because they will have to also support conservative centers.

"I'm sure there are instances where an individual heterosexual person might feel oppressed," said Lowell Kane, coordinator of programs for the gay center in Texas A&M, "and that's wrong. But it's also not the norm," he added. "What we are talking about is the difference between an individual instance and societal homophobia."

"If you walk into any campus classroom or student health services, most of what you find is geared toward a heterosexual population and not a GLBT population."

He took the exemple of Tyler Clementi's suicide last year, a student at Rutgers University, and said: "I have never heard of any student who took their life because their college roommate outed them as being a heterosexual student."

"I have never had a student come up and complain that someone comes up and out of the blue calls them a 'hetero' and slapped them, but that happens to my students, who are called 'dyke' and 'fag.' "


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