Thursday, 18 August 2016 21:35

The 5th Court Of Appeals Confirmed The Blocking Of The Religious Freedom Law In Mississippi

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Last Friday, a federal appeals court rejected the request of the Mississippi to apply its religious freedom law.

Indeed, for some time Republican governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant is trying by all means to enforce a religious freedom law.

This law allows all businesses to refuse to serve LGBT people by invoking their "religious beliefs or moral convictions". Not only that, but it also allows people who would oppose transgender people to also refuse to serve them.

On June 30, US District Court Judge Carlton Reeves blocked the enforcing of this law called House Bill 1523 and refuses at the same time staying his decision requested by Governor Bryant.

Bryant had thus turned to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and last Friday, just his luck, the Court of Appeals rejected his request to release the law, it cannot therefore take effect.

Photo by AP