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Friday, 25 September 2015 17:02

The Alabama Supreme Court Has Refused The Recognition Of An Adoption By A Lesbian Woman Yet Granted In Georgia

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The ex-partner of a lesbian woman who gave birth to three children just lost her parental rights.

The woman, whose name is not known, was in a relationship with her ex for 16 years during which they have given birth to three children.

In Georgia, she had adopted children. Then, having moved to Alabama, she had also recognized these adoptions by the Alabama family court after the couple broke up in 2011. The court had also allowed her visitation rights. But a judge of the Supreme Court has canceled the decision of this court.

Her lawyer said she was devastated because she has raised children since birth.

She said that Georgia has granted the adoptions and it is wrong that the Alabama court will not recognize them.

I don't know if we will have news later, but we hope things will work out for this woman.


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