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Friday, 17 October 2014 15:53

The Ban On Marriage Equality Was Repealed In Alaska And An Appeal Was Launched To Put It Back In North Carolina

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This week two major victories occurred in the United States and more specifically in Alaska and North Carolina.

Indeed, first in Alaska, a federal judge overturned the ban on equal marriage and ceremonies have already started.

I think Alaska was the first American state to ban same-sex unions into law 15 years ago. It will have taken 15 years, but that's it, the ban has been repealed.

Then, the Supreme Court decided not to hear appeals against overturning bans on marriage equality in different states among which was Virginia, which is attached to the same circuit as North Carolina. I announced moreover two weeks ago that there was a strong chance that North Carolina also allows same-sex marriages even if it might take a little longer.

Several things have happened in recent days in North Carolina.

First, federal Judge Max Cogburn repeal the equal marriage ban!

Then, following the decision of the Supreme Court, Attorney General Roy Cooper has decided not to defend the ban on marriage equality in an appeal against this repeal.

Despite this, there will still be an appeal. Legislators got Judge Osteen's right to defend the ban.

"The legislature can attempt to pursue an appeal if they so choose; however, that would only unnecessarily expend taxpayer resources. North Carolinians can rest assured: the freedom to marry is here to stay," Chris Brook, legal director for the ACLU of North Carolina, said in a statement.

The movement is running and even in North Carolina!


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