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Friday, 12 May 2017 17:02

The co-creator of "Sense 8" Lana Wachowski shares her opinion on Trump and his policies

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lana wachowksi


Every week new personalities share their views on Trump and his projects for the United States. After Julia Roberts, it's the turn of openly trans director Lana Wachowski to share her opinion.

In an interview with NBC, the co-creator of Sense 8 has for the first time shown her fierce opposition to President Trump. She expressed her concerns about the policies put in place by the administration of the new president.

"It’s despicable. You hope that the majority of America has moved beyond a lot of this kind of hate and disrespect and fear of otherness," Wachowski said.

"He just keeps trying to pull us back towards those things.

"It doesn’t feel like it’s the best America, or a version of a great America (referring to Trump’s campaign slogan 'Make America Great Again'). It sounds like the opposite of greatness."

The season 2 of "Sense 8" is back on Netflix since May 5 after the broadcast of a Christmas special episode, an episode that had besides marked the spirits by proposing a sex scene between the two female queer characters before continuing in groups.


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