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Sunday, 03 March 2019 01:56

The Colorado House approved the “conversion therapies” ban and a trans bill

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The Colorado House has approved two LGBTQ bills! HB 1129 will prohibit “conversion therapies” to minors and HB 1039 will allow one to change one’s gender on a birth certificate without surgery.

It is no surprise that the House is passing the “conversion therapies” ban by a 49-20 vote since the Democrats control it.

However, Republican opposed the bill, except for two, Colin Larson and Hugh McKean.

The bill goes to the Senate where it should also be adopted as the Democrats were able to regain the majority in November 2018.

Regarding the last step, the signature of the governor, there will be no suspense since the governor of Colorado Jared Polis is gay.

HRC National Field Director Marty Rouse said:

“We thank the Representatives who voted to advance these measures and affirm the equal dignity of all Coloradans — including LGBTQ people.”

Finally, Colorado House has also adopted HB 1039. It is a bill that will allow transgender people to change their gender on their birth certificate without having to undergo surgery.

Rouse added:

“No young person should ever be subjected to a practice that amounts to child abuse, and it’s critically important that transgender people have the ability to ensure their legal documents match their identity. As we work with local advocates to build a Colorado that is more inclusive and welcoming to all, we urge the Colorado Senate to swiftly pass both of these pro-equality bills.”

Who would have thought that things would advance so well for LGBTQ rights in Colorado? The Colorado Senate had rejected similar projects in recent years as it was controlled by Republicans.


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