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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 00:24

The Cutest Lesbian Couple Ever Votes Hillary Clinton

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lennie pearl


They are over 90 years old and love each other like the first day, Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin, together for 50 years, recently married and are now calling to vote for Hillary Clinton.

50 years of love, 47 years of partnership and finally the so-long-desired wedding has been performed in North Carolina where the couple lived since the 1970s.

In 2012, North Carolina prohibits marriage for same-sex couples, Lennie and Pearl then rush into battle and have worked together to obtain the equal marriage in their state.

Today and while Pearl is about to celebrate her 92 years old, here they are now fighting against HB2, the anti-trans law of North Carolina, and support Hillary Clinton they consider to be the only one capable of fight against discrimination.

I leave you with Lennie and Pearl with these two videos jointly made by NC Equality and Human Rights Campaign; and don't forget to vote, this is important:


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