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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 16:41

The Daughter Of The Mayor Of Houston Annise Parker Has Had Trouble Getting Her Driver's License Because She Has Two Moms

Written by 

Annise Parker



This discrimination makes no sense because the daughter of the mayor of Houston was initially unable to pass her driver license because she has two mothers.

According to Mayor Annise Parker, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) refused to recognise her daughter Daniela Parker’s birth certificate as valid, because it has two female parents listed.

She tweeted: “Daughter needs drivers test. Has all docs, some in MomA name, some MomK, but w/ birth cert showing both. DPS says can only be from 1 mom!-A”

The state of Texas does not ban adoptions by same-sex couples but in the recognition of families, that is another story, because the state refuses to issue birth certificates clearly stating lesbians or gay parents.

"Finally! After 3rd trip to DPS w/ different sets of docs in an unnecessary paper chase, last child has her drivers licence," Mayor Annise Parker tweeted.

"Thank you to the DPS clerk & supervisor in the Rosenberg office who took the time to read my daughters documentation & realize it was OK.

"I’m just glad that on the third try someone cared enough to sort it out."

In this case, Daniela will finally get the opportunity to get her license but the only reason the DPS accepted her claim is that one of her mother is the mayor of Houston. A stroke of luck for her but discrimination remains for other children.


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