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Thursday, 08 September 2016 23:33

The IRS And The Department Of The Treasury Are Amending All Their Regulations In Accordance With The Legalization Of Marriage Equality

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The IRS and the Department of the Treasury had proposed in October 2015 to change their rules to include LGBTQ couples following the decision of the Supreme Court to legalize equal marriage across the country. The amendment came into force.

The amendments, made to Income Tax Regulations, Estate Tax Regulations, Gift Tax Regulations, Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Regulations, Employment Tax and Collection of Income Tax at Source Regulations, and the Regulations on Procedure and Administration, included clarification of terminology to reflect the Court’s decisions as reported by The Law News.

According to Federal Register, the terms "spouse," "husband," and "wife" now refer to "an individual lawfully married to another individual," and "husband and wife" refers to "two individuals lawfully married to each other," regardless of their sex.

And the terms "marriage," "spouse," "husband," and "wife" do not refer to relationships such as domestic partnerships, civil unions, or other relationships, but are not classified as marriage.


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