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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 02:19

The Latest News From The United-States

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Another summary will be also published for Asia, Africa and Oceania as well as for Europe on tomorrow.

Let's begin this summary with the great news from Michigan where, after several months of waiting, a federal judge repeal the marriage equality ban!

Federal Judge Repealed Michigan's Marriage Equality Ban Before The Court Of Appeal Allowed The Ban Again

A few days ago, we lived a historic moment with the victory of April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse.

Federal judge Bernard Friedman repealed the marriage equality ban in Michigan thus allowing same-sex couples to marry. The state became the 18th state to legalize the equal marriage.

When they heard the news, April and Jayne were of course happy and very moved.

"It’s just amazing," said DeBoer, who wiped tears and hugged her partner. "This is what we’ve wanted for our family and families like ours …we are just so happy ... We got our day in court and we won."

"We’re going to actually be a legalized family, a recognized family by everybody," Rowse said.

Saturday, four county clerks started to issue marriage licenses but a few hours later, the 6th circuit court of appeal repealed the decision of the federal judge legalizing the marriage equality ban again.

This stay was decided to allow an appeal of Judge Friedman's decision before allowing the same-sex marriages.

Couples who got a license hope to be able to be recognized in spite of the stay.

Two Lesbian Organizations In West Hollywood

The lesbian population of West Hollywood accounts for only 5%. The Lesbian Center is thus divided into two distinct organizations to brought more lesbianism in the city.

Lauren Costine, Elisabeth Sandberg and Anne-Marie Williams will thus deal with the L Project while Ivy Bottini and Jeanne Cordova will continue to work on The Lesbian Center (TLC).

According to WeHoville, Bottini said that she considers TLC a "feminist-based" group that will be educational and "consciousness-raising". She envisions "gatherings with a purpose" that are fun but not purely social. She also noted that she wants to offer alcohol-free gathering spaces for people who don’t want to go to bars.

As for the L Project, Costine said that the organization is looking toward offering social, educational and health/fitness programming. But the ideas aren’t solidly formed yet.

Lesbian Golf Coach Forced To Quit Because She Was Gay Won Her Lawsuit

After being forced to quit because she is lesbian by The University of Minnesota where she worked as a golf coach, Kathryn Brenny won her lawsuit.

The judge indeed ruled that Brenny's treatment by the school and by John Harris, a former pro golfer who was then head of the U's golf program, was discriminatory and broke the law (the Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibits discriminations based on sexual orientation), as reports The San Jose Mercury News.

"These adverse actions by Harris as the university's director of golf were intentional and motivated by his discriminatory animus toward Brenny because of her sexual orientation," the judge found.

Judges Asked For A Less-Severe Penalty About A Lesbian Rendezvous Of Two Lesbian Teachers In A Classroom

Good news for Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito! Both had been fired of a high school in New York for a so-called 'lesbian rendezvous'.

Mauro and Brito, respectively French and Spanish teachers, had been fired by the James Madison High School in Brooklyn after another teacher had reported to have surprised Mauro half naked in a classroom, 'kneeling between the legs' of a topless fellow teacher, according to The Daily Mail.

They were indeed having sex, the judges ruled that firing the two women was 'shockingly disproportionate to (their) misconduct.'

The court asked that the case of Mauro and Brito be studied by the city education officials so that they receive a less-severe penalty.

Kentucky Same-Sex Marriage Delayed

It will still be necessary to be patient in Kentucky where a federal judge ordered to the Governor Steve Beshear to delay the identification of the same-sex marriages.

U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II had ruled to recognize marriage equality in the 21 days which followed his decision, which gave time to the opponents to appeal, but the judge has just modified his decision and allows from now on an indefinite stay.

As reports, while the case moves to the Court of Appeals, Heyburn is considering a related argument from new plaintiffs who are suing Beshear for the right to be issued same-sex marriage certificates inside Kentucky, in a case styled Love vs. Beshear. Heyburn's decision in that case is expected by this summer.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist Supports Marriage Equality

Two challenges to repeal the prohibition of marriage equality in Florida were recently launched as I had told you last week. A few days ago, Governor Charlie Crist, who campaigns for a second mandate, supported in the event of a legislative effort.

"One of the most important things we can do is get a law on the books in Florida that recognizes the kinds of things that President Obama is talking about. Why not have marriage equality throughout our country? Certainly, we ought to have it in Florida," Crist said.

"I believe that, if we win this election on November 4th, and we get some other progressives elected in the Florida House and Florida Senate, then we're going to have a great opportunity to get that done. I look forward to the day we do."

In 2008, Crist had however supported the constitutional amendment describing marriage as union between a man and a woman before calling this act 'an error'.

Will The Challenge Against Wisconsin's Marriage Equality Ban Be Dismissed?

State attorneys asked federal judge Barbara Crabb to dismiss the lawsuit which challenges the marriage equality ban in Wisconsin.

They consider indeed that the right to marry does not include the right to the equal marriage (yes, that's why it is necessary to change that) and they also say that the state does not cancel the out-of-state marriages, it does not identify them (what does not make any difference for us).

Currently, I do not know yet the decision of the judge.

Staci Michelle Yandle And Judith Levy, Both Lesbians, Got A Seat On The Disctrict Court Of Illinois And Of Michigan

Last month, President Obama had nominated Staci Michelle Yandle, lesbian, for a seat on the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Illinois, and last July, he had nominated Judith Levy, also lesbian, for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. It only remained the approval of the U.S. Senate.

And it is unanimously that the Senate approved the candidature of Judith Levy (97-0). The "taking away of Judith will do an incredible sum with the legal order of Michigan," D’Arcy Kemnitz, executive director of the LGBT Bar Association, said. The "representation of LGBT in our courses is critical and speaks with the enormous recommendation and supports ours community received."

The candidature of Staci Michelle Yandle was also approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee so cheer to them!

When Nevada's Marriage Equality Case Will Be Heard By The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeal?

We still don't know the date of hearing of the Nevada's equal marriage in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal of San Franciso.

The oral arguments were to be heard on April 9, that is to say a few days before cases of Utah and of Oklahoma will be also hear, but finally, it was decided to postpone the hearing and currently, there is still no date. I hope that we will quickly know.


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