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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:04

The LGBTQ Political Group "Log Cabin Republicans" Announced They Won't Endorse Donald Trump

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log cabin republicans


"Log Cabin Republicans", an LGBTQ political group, announced they would not support Donald Trump in his run for the US presidency.

Even if they like the candidate they can't support his intentions to strongly oppose the LGBTQ rights if elected. Trump plans to appoint extremely conservative judges to the Supreme Court to repeal the equal marriage and his buddy Mike Pence also announced his intention to remove all the protections of LGBTQ people one after the other with the approval of the legislation called "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA) that would prevent federal action against individuals and companies opposing same-sex marriage on religious grounds. All this of course will cause an even greater upsurge of discrimination across all states. And if you are employed in a company, you might see the benefits you get be canceled. Good bye equality with straight colleagues.

But Log Cabin Republican also announced they hope to work with Trump if elected to continue the progress of LGBTQ rights. It's a bit naive to think that Trump could struggle a bit for us.

In short, don't forget to vote this year more than ever, it's important for your family, your friends, yourself, for us and your country.


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