Saturday, 08 November 2014 17:05

The Marriage Equality Ban Repealed In Missouri But Kept In Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee And Michigan

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The equal marriage is legalized in one state while a Court of Appeals refused to confirm the repeal of the marriage equality ban in 4 US states.

At first, Judge Dale Young ordered to recognize all marriages performed in states where marriage equality is legal. There should be a period of 10 days of waiting to allow an appeal of this decision, but two days after, another judge, District Judge Ortrie D. Smith, ruled the equal marriage banunconstitutional in Missouri.

This time all same-sex couples in the state are concerned. The judge put a hold pending an appeal so the couples wishing to marry can's do so at this time.

However, it would seem that the Attorney General of Missouri is unlikely to appeal the decision.

Then the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to confirm the repeal of the bans in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky with a 2-1 decision.

A lawyer for the ACLU immediately said the group would file an appeal to the Supreme Court.

"We will be filing for Supreme Court review right away and hope that through this deeply disappointing ruling, we will be able to bring a uniform rule of equality to the entire country," said Chase Strangio, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Recently, the Supreme Court refused to review the case of Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Indiana legalizing marriage equality in all these states.