Monday, 02 March 2015 16:21

The Navajo Nation Council May Soon Decide On The Equal Marriage

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The Navajos could change their marriage law called the Dine Marriage Act that prohibits unions between persons of the same-sex.

Indeed, the Navajo Nation Council might reconsider the 2005 act and conduct a vote in favor or not of a change.

Already Ben Shelly, Navajo Nation president, has expressed support for a repeal of the law.

One of the presidential candidates, Joe Shirley Jr., also supports the legalization of same-sex marriage within the Navajo tribe.

«Our culture dictates acceptance,» Shirley said during an interview. «They are part of our family, they are our children, and we don’t need to be partial.»

However, as everywhere, there are Navajo traditionalists who oppose legalization as Navajo legislator Otto Tso, who considers that equal marriage is not for the Navajos.

«It’s not for us,» Otto Tso, a Navajo legislator, said of gay marriage. «We have to look at our culture, our society, where we come from, talk to our elders.»

The Navajos have their own laws and don't depend on the decision of the U.S Supreme Court, which has soon to make a decision on marriage equality. We must therefore wait for the vote of the Navajo Nation Council.