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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 17:46

The Openly Lesbian Police Officer Monica Cordova Was Named Officer Of The Year In Dallas

Written by 

Monica Cordova



Congratulations to Senior Corporal Monica Cordova, openly lesbian Dallas police officer who was named officer of the year!

Monica Cordova works within the media relations office of the Dallas Police Department. She fought for the families of LGBTQ police officers are treated the same way as their heterosexual colleagues. In particular, she wanted officer’s spouse and children be covered if their partner was killed in the line of duty.

Monica is first encountered opposition before she had the foresight to bring her four-year-old son to a meeting and ask that her son be taken care of the way the children of every other officer is taken care of if she is killed.

During the meeting, seven members of the board have changed their votes, allowing the approval of a measure that cover with an equal pension families with same-sex officers.

In 1989, Mica England sued the Dallas Police Department because lesbian and gay people could apply for a position within the city police.

And so 26 years later, an openly lesbian officer is named officer of the year.


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