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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 23:43

The Play 'How to Be a Lesbian in Ten Days or Less' Was Cancelled Because Too Dangerous For Straight Women

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                                                                                           For those who were delighted in advance, the play entitled “How to Be a Lesbian in Ten Days or Less”, who was part of a conference on the LGBTQ community held at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USC), was cancelled.

Only a few hours after to have announced you the conference holding on the community including “How to Be a Lesbian in Ten Days or Less”, the State's senator Mike Fair made cancel this representation arguing that this play was made to recruit women into becoming lesbians.

Another Senator, Kevin Bryant, also qualified this conference as a “perversion”.

It should be known that the legislators of South Carolina have the annoying tendency to remove the funds for all that relates to the LGBTQ community. They recently withdrew over $50,000 to USC to prevent it from providing LGBTQ books.

They thus again made cancel this representation by threatening the University.

LGBT pride groups regard this as dangerous. To let the legislators decide without opposition is quite simply an act of censure.

The conference is not cancelled, just the play, so you can still purchase tickets here:


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