Tuesday, 09 August 2016 23:33

The Reverend Cynthia Meyer Has Been Placed On An Involuntary Leave Of Absence After Her Coming Out During A Sermon

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In last January, the Rev. Cynthia Meyer, who officiates in Kansas in the United Methodist Church, had revealed she was lesbian during a sermon in front of her entire congregation.

Today, we unfortunately heard that the Rev. Meyer has just been placed on an involuntary leave of absence, which means she avoids a trial within her church, but she lost her position instead of her church in Edgerton near Kansas City.

So, what happened? Well, following her coming out, many complaints were apparently filed. She would have spent 12 hours with these people to discuss with them last Monday, but unfortunately it was not enough.

Here's what she said after the meeting:

"I am heartbroken, as I agree to give up the right to serve in ministry as an Elder in The United Methodist Church for an undetermined time.

"Even as I agree to this resolution, I assert that it is not just and furthers the harm inflicted, not just on me, but on all LGBTQ persons in the church. Again we are told, 'you aren't equal; you aren't good enough; you aren't of enough sacred worth to serve as an ordained leader in your church."

We are sad for Rev. Meyer, who had shown some courage to come out during a sermon. We hope that she will be alright. It seems that she will receive wages in all cases at the beginning of the leave. She will also be able to continue to work within the church, which is still her purpose in life, even if she will no longer belong to the United Methodist Church.

There was a congregation of the United Methodist Church to determine the church's position on LGBT people, but as no decision has been taken on the issue, the church will hold a special meeting on the subject before the next conference to be held in 2020.

We hope that this special conference will take place very rapidly and a decision will be made to open the church to LGBT people and that the Rev. Meyer will regain the responsibility of a church.

Remember a few weeks ago representatives of the United Methodist Church of the Western congregation elected for the first time an openly lesbian pastor.

Photo by Emily McFarlan Miller