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The Reverend Oliver White Is Back And Still Supports The LGBT Community

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Two years ago, I had shared with you a sad news concerning the Reverend Oliver White who had lost his church for his support for the LGBT community.

A few days ago, the Reverend contacted me to tell us a good news: he is back with a new church and he even supports more our community!

In May 2012, Reverend White decided to support marriage equality. What can appear like a harmless decision today and only two years later, was still in 2012 a risk, in particular for a church person. The elections of November 2012 did not have took place yet, voters had not shown they were in favour of marriage equality yet while repealing some prohibitions in the American states, which represented a true change since, afterwards, and still today, the states continue to repeal these bans.

The Reverend White became from now on a model for other churches. He hopes to start programs for LGBT people, to create safe spaces for all in his new church in St Paul, Minnesota.

As written on his website, the program for LGBT includes:

  • LGBT Program Directors
  • Marriage Equality Messaging (acceptance teachings to other churches)
  • Outreach Campaigns to Churches

And more… Including: Youth Employment | Community Involvement | Poverty

I had found that really sad to see these people who refused to go back in his church overnight because the Reverend had decided to support marriage equality and then he lost his church.

I am not a believer but I am delighted to know that he will continue his mission and in the respect of each one.

You don't know the Reverend White, just watch this video: