Thursday, 22 May 2014 21:52

The St Francis Xavier Church Fired A Coordinator Of Social Ministries Because She Is Lesbian

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Colleen Simon worked as coordinator of social ministries within St Francis Xavier Church in Kansas City until one discovers that she is a lesbian and married to another woman. 

Colleen Simon recently lost her work, fired because of her sexual orientation. And despite everything, Colleen is turned over to do her work in the days which followed her dismissal because she sees this work like a will of God and moreover, she did not want the food to be lost.

Simon is at the origin of the program which allowed and always makes it possible to nourish many people in the need.

But the diocese of Kansas doesn't care about her faith and her commitment to help the others.

Married with the reverend Donna Simon, she never truly hid her relationship even if she entrusts that within her work, she was not either openly discuss it and sometimes used male pronouns to speak about her wife.

“You don’t want your legacy to be one of division and ugliness,” she said. “It’s awful. But there are laws, and until that law gets changed in the church, it is what it is.”

She said herself disgusted but specified that indignation did not have its place in this story. She simply hopes to find a new work even if she knows that will be hard.

Photo credit: The Kansas City Star