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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 17:19

The Support For Marriage Equality Is Rising In Every US State

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We begin to be used of it, but it is always nice to hear that support for marriage equality continued to increase during 2014.

A new poll by the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School and Drexel University shows that in every US state support continues to be on the rise.
In the District of Columbia, since 2012, each year, there are 6.2% more support.

Just in Washington, DC, 86% of residents supported the equal marriage.

In Vermont, 75% support and this represents the highest score achieved in a state and even if Alabama is the state where the support is the lowest at 35%, patience because the Williams Institute indicates that due the trend across all United States, the rise will continue and each state will be around 40% support for equal marriage in 2016.

Clearly, the states where there has been little change in 2014 are the states where there will be more change in the coming years.

«There have been some assertions that attitudes in states like Alabama have not changed when it comes to marriage equality,» reports co-author Andrew Flores in a press release. «Actually, as time goes on, those states will be the states where we should expect to see even more change.»

Thus, in 2014, 36 states have passed 50% support standard. The poll announced that they will be 44 in 2016.


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