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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 04:15

Three Anti-Gay Bills Were Killed In Michigan Legislature

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The legislature of Michigan decided not to vote on three anti-gay bills which were to be voted during the 2012 session.


That was a surprise to hear that there would be no vote but one can only be delighted by this news because the House Bills 5739 and 5764 would have allowed adoption agencies to discriminate against gay and lesbian prospective parents.

The third bill (SB 975), as for it, would have allowed similar refusals of service by healthcare providers if the service requested violated their moral or religious beliefs.

"This legislative session Michigan extremists seemed suspiciously motivated to keep hurling a wrecking ball at Michigan families," said Emily Dievendorf, director of policy for Equality Michigan in a statement.

"Fortunately, somebody in Republican leadership relized that the passage of these destructive bills would not be easily forgiven by a majority of Michigan citizens whose support for equality is on the right side of history, and leaders quietly ignored the bills which would have provided countless licenses to discriminate. Michigan voters are much to thank for this change of heart as they stood united, sending thousands of emails demanding that our elected officials end their attempts to deny potential homes to the over 5,000 foster children eligible for adoption. Michigan citizens also insisted that we enforce the powerful tradition of the Hippocratic Oath when providing health care."


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