Tuesday, 24 May 2011 18:01

Traditional Families Militant Thinks We Are Nazis

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Bryan Fisher, director of American Family Association (AFA), a pro-traditional families organization, said we are nazis.

On several occasions, Bryan Fisher, said we are Nazis on his radio Focal Point which is nevertheless diffused widely in United-States, covering 40 states.

During his talk show last Wednesday, he said in particular we are "nazis":

"Homosexual activists, when it is about the freedom to speak, they are nazis. When it is about religious freedom, they are nazis. There is no place in their world for the disagreement, no place in their world for the dissension, no place in their world for criticism."

"If you criticize the homosexual behavior," he added "they will stick a fanatic and homophobe label to you."

"If you deviate of the tolerance dogma, you are over !"

"They will send to you in rehabilitation camp until you accept the deviating behaviors", he said about the repeal of the 'Don' t Ask, Don' t Tell' policy.


Well, dear Bryan, to say we are nazis is not the best way of not having a homophobe label.

I am with the regret to inform you that you are over, you just sticked to you a homophobe label.


If I had to answer Bryan, I would say that yes, we don't like words who hurt and, most of the time, who are false, but that represents our freedom to speak, our freedom to say that we don't agree.

Then, concerning the religious freedom, I think that we all agree to say that each person is free to have its beliefs, but it doesn't mean religions have to be a pretext to insult using the bible or god to say that we are ill, abnormal, perverse,....

"no place in their world for criticism" - so you have the right to criticize us but we do not have the right to criticize you of course!

The only problem is that your critics are not very interesting to debate as you tell false things about us. Then will we let you insult us? No, we try to explain you we are normal people.


Finally, dear Bryan, you should revise because to employ "nazis" means that we exterminate you? However, we do not kill people because they are straight or because they are religious but you kill us because we are LGBTQ as nazis who also killed people because they were gays.

The pink triangle means homosexuals and gays (specially gay men) had to wear it in camps during the second world war. There was also the black triangle used for lesbians.