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Transgender prisoners could be the next victims of the Trump administration

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Transgender prisoners may also be affected by the Trump administration's new policies. It plans to reevaluate the Obama administration's policies for trans inmates.

This reevaluation will focus on the use of facilities that match their identities such as bathrooms or showers. It will also question the incarceration of trans women in women's prisons.

Four Evangelical Christian women from a Texas prison have filed a lawsuit against their fellow trans prisoners with whom they share their quarters.

For the time being, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who defends the government, has taken a stand against these four women. He indicated that there was no evidence of threats from trans inmates.

The problem is that the government has decided to get involved in this case. It indicated that it would be looking at the policies on trans prisoners. Following the Trump administration's position on trans rights, there is a reason to worry. And the case is now before District Judge Reed O’Connor who had suspended protections for transgender people in two other cases.

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