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Monday, 29 April 2019 00:45

Transgender troops can continue to serve openly within five National Guards

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The National Guards of California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico will allow transgender troops to continue to serve openly despite Trump’s ban that came into force on April 12, 2019.

According to the Palm Center, 13 700 people are on the move to lose their jobs because of this ban.

  • California: In an interview with The Hill, Major-General Matthew Beavers said gender identity of his soldiers “is the least of our concerns.”

He explained California will not only work to “bring transgender individuals in under the current policy," but also that “every transgendered soldier or airmen currently serving in the California National Guard will remain in our ranks.”

He added: “Further, we will not treat any soldier or airman any differently today than we did yesterday.”

  • Nevada: “The State of Nevada does not discriminate against anyone, including and especially service members, based on gender identity or expression,” Helen Kalla, communications director for Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, told The Daily Beast. “Governor Sisolak believes the only criteria to serve in the Nevada National Guard is one’s readiness to serve.”
  • Oregon: Bisexual Governor Kate Brown said she is “appalled that the Supreme Court is delivering an intentional blow to civil rights by supporting a push from the Trump Administration to bar transgender people from serving in the military” and she will “use every option available to ensure that every eligible Oregonian, regardless of gender identity, can serve their state and country.”
  • Washington: A spokesperson for Governor Jay Inslee said his office “stands in solidarity with transgender Americans across the country in opposing this policy and won’t stop fighting until it is defeated.”
  • New Mexico: “Until then, we will continue to welcome transgender service members to the greatest extent possible under the rules,” the spokesperson added. “It’s our understanding that is what New Mexico is doing as well.”

In the United States, 50 States and 4 territories have their own national guard.

We will see if other States are joining California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico, which will continue to allow trans people to serve openly in national guards despite the ban put in place by the Trump administration.


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