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Sunday, 28 October 2018 18:00

Trump Administration considers a terrifying policy to erase transgender people

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Transgender people in the United States are facing a significant threat as Trump could erase their existence.

The New York Times has found a memo from Trump’s administration asking government agencies to adopt an explicit and uniform definition of gender under Title IX as determined “biologically that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

The memo reads: “Sex means a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth. The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

This memo comes from the Department of Health and Human Services but this also concerns the Departments of Education, Justice, and Labor.

This terrifying policy will impact the lives of 2 million transgender people and have huge consequences for them like:

  • less health protection and difficulty getting health care
  • more discrimination
  • fewer legal protections against injustice and violence
  • recognition difficulties (change of gender on identity documents)
  • difficulties for trans children and students to access locker rooms and bathrooms in schools
  • no more ban on gender discrimination in education programs that receive government financial help
  • ...

The memo has been circulating since last spring but the debate began a year ago. So they should introduce the new definition of sex to the Department of Justice by the end of the year. If it says the change is legal, this new definition will be approved and enforced in Title IX statutes, and across government agencies.

“Transgender people are frightened,” said Sarah Warbelow, the legal director of the Human Rights Campaign. “At every step where the administration has had the choice, they’ve opted to turn their back on transgender people.”

Civil rights and LGBT rights groups are meeting with federal government officials across the United States to oppose the proposed definition.

Transgender people are mobilizing and asking their allies to mobilize with them through the Hashtag #WontBeErased.

Show your support to our trans friends. What happens to them could happen to us in the coming years too. And remember the importance, THE IMPORTANCE, of the November ballot.

“We’re here. We’re loud. We’re not going anywhere. #WontBeErased,” the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Photo from the Las Vegas Weekly


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