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Thursday, 21 March 2019 03:21

Twelve anti-LGBT bills were introduced in Tennessee

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A wave of anti-LGBT hatred could be unleashed in Tennessee. 12 bills going against our LGBTQ community - six in the House and six in the Senate - were introduced during this new legislative session, even if some had died last year.

  • HB 563 would prevent State Governments from being able to oppose corporate internal policies.

Representative Jason Zacharie, who sponsored this bill, hopes that Tennessee companies can discriminate against LGBTQ people.

  • The Tennessee Natural Marriage Act, in opposition to the equal marriage, had already been introduced two years ago without success and unfortunately, it is back.
  • Another measure, represented by bills HB 1151 and SB 1297, addresses the rights of transgender people.

They could, in fact, face lawsuits for their access to “a restroom, locker room, dressing room, or shower, any of which are designated for single-sex, multi-person use, and the person is a member of the opposite sex than the sex designated for use.”

In addition, the locker room bill adds that “medical, psychiatric, or psychological diagnosis of gender dysphoria, gender confusion, or similar conditions, in the absence of untreated mental conditions, such as schizophrenia, will not serve as a defense to the offense of indecent exposure.”

It turns out it is impossible for trans people to update their official documents and be properly recognized in Tennessee.

  • Another legislation would allow adoption agencies to discriminate same-sex couples who wish to become parents by invoking their religious beliefs.

These bills are worrying as you can see.

“Let’s be clear: this ‘slate of hate’ aims to use LGBTQ Tennesseans as pawns to win cheap political points,” Nick Morrow, a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, said. “These lawmakers are supposed to look out for all of us, not just some of us, and they certainly shouldn’t be using their power to make life worse for LGBTQ Tennesseans.”

We will follow the evolution of these 12 bills that are going against LGBTQ rights in Tennessee.


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