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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 00:16

Two anti-trans bills introduced in Arizona

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Representative Anthony Kern introduced two bills (HB 2293 and HB 2294) against the rights of transgender people.

Indeed, both bills would prohibit gender reassignment surgery.

On the one hand, HB 2293 targets trans* inmates and would remove the surgery from the list of health and medical services that are available to them.

And HB 2294 would prohibit the operation to transgender people who have subscribed to Medicaid.

The gender reassignment surgery is not available under the Arizona Medicaid system at the present time and this prohibition would make access to this surgery even more difficult in the future.

"Any medical procedures that doctors deem are medically necessary for particular individuals to treat their gender dysphoria should be covered by insurance of every kind," Abby Jensen, vice president of Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and a board member of Equality Arizona, told Mother JonesMother Jones. "There is no reason to single out transgender people for that exclusion, especially when the procedures that we’re talking about are commonly paid for by the same insurance plans for other conditions."

In 2016, the federal Department of Health and Human Services banned discrimination based on gender identity.

At present, trans* rights are at risk in eleven American states: Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

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