Thursday, 15 March 2012 23:05

Two Former Members Of The Minnesota Supreme Court Say No To Gay Marriage Ban In The Constitution

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A former U.S. Vice President and a former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice of Minnesota start a battle against an amendment which would prohibit gay marriage in the state promoting Lawyers United For All Families.

Walter Mondale and Kathleen Blatz thus co-signed a letter inviting their colleagues of the Supreme Court to vote against the amendment which would prohibit marriage equality in Minnesota, vote which will take place in November.

"Our constitution is a hard-earned gift from those who preceded us, and an enduring promise to those who will follow us," Mondale said in a statement. "It should be used to protect individual liberty, not to take it away."

"At this crossroads in Minnesota’s history we must not allow our state’s constitution to get caught up in the prevailing winds of the day. We may disagree on how best to recognize committed same-sex couples, but I believe quite firmly that legislating this issue by constitutional amendment is both inappropriate and a threat to the legacy of our state," added Blatz.