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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 01:15

Two Texas Lawmakers To Introduce Bills To Cut Funding Of School With LGBT Policies

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A few months ago, I had written about the school sector of Pflugerville in Texas which planned to offer domestic partner benefits to the same-sex partners of its entire staff. Two Republican lawmakers now decide to introduce bills to prevent Texas schools from having LGBT policies. 


The first bill, HB 1568, introduced by Rep. Drew Springer, will cut 7.5% of a district’s healthcare funding to any school sector which will bring advantages to LGBT people. 

"Our tax-dollars are for educating kids, not for enacting policies that attempt to get the state to recognize homosexual relationships. To think Pflugerville has sued the state for more funding, while at the same time bankrolling a lifestyle most Texans do not agree with is quite disturbing to me," Springer said.


The second bill, as for it, is introduced by Rep. Matt Krause and will cut funding if universities prevent religious student groups of deliberately exclude potential members if they don't correspond to the criteria. 

In light, Krause wants groups to be able to refuse members if they don't have the correct sexual orientation, gender or color. 


So, no Mister Springer, you're tax-dollars are not for educating kids as it is obvious you don't care about eduction.


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