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Thursday, 19 June 2014 21:52

The Army Has Outperformed The Discharge Of A Lesbian From "Other Than Honorable" To "Honorable"

Written by 

Lisa Weiszmiller



After attempting to join the army as a military police officer, Lisa Weiszmiller was discharged because of her sexual orientation with the status of her dismissal "other than honorable".

Today, her status was upgraded to "honorable". She was abused by her colleagues and continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress.

"Back then, the treatment was barbaric," Weiszmiller told The OklahomanThe Oklahoman.

"Drill sergeants would march their troops around the post, and if they came upon us, they would stop their troops, and we would have to come to parade rest, and they would berate us.

"These are queers! These are lesbians! Stay away from these homosexual women," she painfully recalled the taunts. "They tried everything they could to try to break us down to what they thought we were."

"They searched our lockers, found some personal letters from friends and decided they were going to kick us out for being gay," she said

Lisa doesn't ask much but hopes "for the ability to get medical treatment (and disability benefits)" with this update.

Photo credit: The Oklahoman


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