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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 00:24

U.S. Ultra-Conservative Group Family Research Council Welcomes The Anti-LGBTQ Policy Planned By Donald Trump

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Family Research Council


Tony Perkins, leader of the American ultra-conservative group Family Research Council, welcomed candidate Donald Trump, who embraced the agenda of the anti-LGBTQ group more than any other Republican candidate had done.

Tony Perkins

Indeed, Right Wing Watch has published the records in a conference call with Perkins in which he said: "There has never been a clearer contrast between the two parties when we look at the party platforms. I wrote a large portion of the platform, it is the most conservative, Biblically-aligned platform, in clear contrast with what the Democratic Party stands for.

"I’ve had to fight every Republican campaign, including George W Bush’s campaign, John McCain’s, Mitt Romney’s, on the platform over life issues, marriage issues, human sexuality.

"I’ve had to fight every campaign except Donald Trump’s campaign. They actually worked with us on the platform, in fact whipped, meaning gathered votes, on one of my amendments [to the Republican platform].

"When you look at what this campaign has done… I was not with Donald Trump in the beginning, but now we’re down to a choice between Clinton and Trump, and the choice is quite clear."

Remember that Trump has indeed promised to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people based on religion, to replace the judges of the Supreme Court by much more conservative  judges in order to repeal marriage equality, he is also in favor of the anti-trans law in North Carolina and, as we have seen, his buddy Mike Pence dream to delete all the protection laws for LGBTQ people implemented by the Obama administration.

Finally, remember that the Republican platform strongly opposed not only adoption by same-sex couples, but parenthood of LGBTQ couples; and prohibition of "anti-gay" therapies.


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