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Friday, 11 April 2014 22:34

University Of Kentucky Asks If 'A Woman Who Is A Lesbian Is Just As Likely To Be A Good Person As Anyone Else'

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University kentucky


What did happen at the University of Kentucky? It would seem that the students received an email survey on homosexuality, being homosexual or straight.

Thus they were to indicate if for them "Homosexuality is a sin",if "A woman who is a lesbian is just as likely to be a good person as anyone else", and if "Homosexuality is a mental illness".

A University spokesperson told Campus Reform that the ”intent of the survey was to understand better the utilization of university health services on the part LGBT students.”

A student told Campus Reform he felt uncomfortable while taking the survey as the email provides a link unique for each person and doesn’t mention who is reading and recording the survey responses.

How will the answers "no, homosexuality isn't a mental illness", "yes, a lesbian can be a good person" improve the health service of the university?


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