Monday, 29 August 2011 16:41

US Census Results

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In 10 years, the number of self-identified gay and lesbian couples in United-States has almost doubled according to 2010 Census.

In one decade, we would have passed from 594.391 to 901.997 gay and lesbian couples.

"The increase is too big to be explained by a sudden jump in coupling among gay people," Gary Gates, a scholar at UCLA’s Williams Institute, told the Wall Street Journal. He thinks that there are more gay and lesbian couples who are more opened to identified themself, especially in the more conservative states.

The number of couples being identified as gay or lesbian increased by 90% in Montana, Nevada and Western Virginia.
The increase in the more liberal states such as California, New York and Washington was less important even that remains an increase going up to 40%. The results also show that 50.000 of same-sex couples married and 85.000 couples entered in a civil union or a domestic partnership since 2000.

After Vermont (10.9 gay couples on 1.000 households), Massachusetts (10.2), California (9.98) and Oregon (9.9), we will add from now on New Mexico (9.8) and Rhode Island (8.9) on the list of the states having the most gay and lesbian couples. Tennessee (6.5), Mississippi (5.6) and North Dakota (4) are the states having less gay and lesbian couples.