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Friday, 11 November 2011 00:28

US Elections: A Lot Of LGBT Candidates Elected

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Tuesday was an election day in the US cities with a lot of LGBT candidates wishing to obtain a seat in a City Council, in a senate or to become mayor. I've got the results and that was a great victory!


They did not all win but most of them were elected. Here the winners:


Daniel Hernandez


Daniel Hernandez was elected at the Sunnyside Unified School District Board in Arizona obtaining more than 60% of the votes.





Annise Parker



In Houston, Annise Parker was re-elected as mayor with 51% of the votes and in spite of many criticisms and homophobe remarks that these opponents told her.






Alex Morse


Alex Morse did it! He was elected mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts at only 22 years old.






Zach Adamson




Zach Adamson also won a seat in the City Council of Indianapolis giving the control of the Council to the Democrats.






LaWana Mayfield


LaWana Mayfield was elected in the City Council of Charlotte, NC where some people try to ban gay marriage in the constitution of the state.

"Honestly I believe the community recognizes that my five year committed relationship is the least of their worries," Mayfield told WBTV. "We still need to look at stabilizing our property values, look at strong community safety, and smart economic growth."







Chris Seelbach was also elected in the City Council of Cincinnati.






Caitlin Copple



To Finish, Caitlin Copple was elected at the City Council of Missoula, Montana.





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