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Thursday, 06 November 2014 17:40

US Elections: The Victories And Defeats In The Senate And In The House Of Representatives

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Two days ago were the elections in the United States. I preferred to wait one more day for maximum results but there are still some results we don't have.

We know that Republicans have regained control of the Senate and the House as often happens in mid-term President of the United States but what does that means for LGBTQ people?

Rep Kyrsten Sinema

First, the good news:

Democratic Representative Jared Polis of Colorado easily retained his seat. He is a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

Bisexual Representative Krysten Sinema of Arizona (pictured) retained her seat too.

Gay Democrat Mark Takano of California also retained his seat in the House.

Mark Pocan of Wisconsin continues to replace Tammy Baldwin, who is the first openly lesbian senator.

David Cicilline of Rhode Island also won his election.

Mark Pryor of Arkansas, a Democrat opposed to the equal marriage and believes that homosexuality is a choice, lost his place in the Senate.

Republican Susan Collins of Maine won the election and was re-elected as senator. She supports marriage equality and LGBT rights long. She had allowed the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the approval of a nondiscrimination law in employment by the Senate, although the House then blocked it.

The totally crazy Republican Susanne Altanus of Illinois, who think tornadoes are manifestations of God's wrath upon approval of equal marriage, lost. Yes!

Democrat Jim Clyburn of South Carolina easily won his election against the Republican candidate Anthony Culler who believes that homosexuals are "gremlins".

Louie Minor

The defeats:

In the Senate: Unfortunately, LGBT ally Tom Harkin, who is retired, was replaced by Joni Ernst who thinks that the laws "come from God". She is totally opposed to equal marriage and to all LGBT rights.

Republican Thom Tillis bet a supporter of marriage equality in the person of Kay Hagan and won a seat in the Senate. He wants to restore the prohibition of marriage in North Carolina.

The pro-LGBT Democrat Mark Udall of Colorado lost to Republican Cory Gardner and this is very bad news for the LGBT community in Colorado. Indeed, Gardner is an avid opponent of LGBT rights.

In the House of Representatives: In Texas, anti-gay Louie Gohmert is reelected. Gohmert recently described the tactics of LGBT activists to get the marriage equality as a Nazi tactic. This gives you an idea of who he is.

Still in Texas, the gay Latino candidate Louie Minor (pictured) also loses against the anti-gay candidate John Carter.

In the anti-gay family, here is also Steve King of Iowa who was re-elected.

Republican Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin gets a seat in the House. He thinks same-sex marriage is "immoral."

Republican Jody Hide of Georgia won his election.

Sean Eldridge of New York, husband of the co-founder of Facebook, has lost.

It did not work for the gay Republican candidate Richard Tsei in Massachusetts.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida is Republican but supports marriage equality. She was re-elected.

Richard Hanna, Republican but also in favor of same-sex marriage, won his election.

Finally, Republican Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania won his seat in the House. He supports marriage equality.

We don't know yet if it's Sean Patrick Maloney or Nan Hayworth who won the election in a district of New York, the difference between the two is very tight. Hayworth is an LGBT ally, his son is also gay.

We are also waiting to see if the out Republican Carl DeMaio won or not in San Diego.

If one omits the political party, we do squeezed 11 wins of pro-LGBT or supporting LGBT rights against 10 defeats. Plus the two that we don't know the results yet. It's not so bad. Of course remains to be seen what will happen in the coming months.


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