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Thursday, 20 June 2013 00:19

US Supreme Court Decision And Marriage Equality Ban In Wisconsin

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It is this month-here that the United States' Supreme Court has to return its verdict concerning marriage equality. It has, first of all, to give a verdict about proposition 8 in California and then about two cases challenging DOMA.


A journalist of Today's TMJ4 came up with a question concerning Wisconsin. Indeed, this American state constitutionally banned marriage between same-sex people but if the Court returns a positive verdict on marriage equality then will it affect Wisconsin's ban?


The odds are that yes because this ban would be immediately conciderated as unconstitutional as all marriage equality bans.


Let's stay positive but let's not be too naive nevertheless because most specialists think the Supreme Court won't make a decision.


"People are thinking the U.S. Supreme Court is not likely, in an opinion with five justices, to find a constitutional right to marry at this point," claimed Marquette law professor Janine Geske.


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