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Friday, 21 January 2011 00:21

Utah: A State With Discriminations

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A report on discrimination against gay people and the transgenders in Utah was distributed by Equality Utah, in front of 104 legislators yesterday.

This report first of all comprising an investigation with 939 lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders of Utah who took part of this survey and also comprising a new analysis of census data which represents the LGBT community in Utah.

The goal of Equality Utah is to push a law which would prohibit discrimination when looking for housing or a job based on sexual orientation or identity gender.

"Of the gay and bisexual Utahns surveyed, 44 percent said they have been fired or denied a job or a promotion due to sexual orientation or gender identity. Among transgender Utahns, 67 percent said they had received such treatment" reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

"In November 2009, Salt Lake City had gone well to the first government of Utah to offer such protections, gaining an approval of benchmark against the church of LDS. Ten additional cities and counties had followed the example of the capital. And one year ago, a poll of Salt Lake Tribune noted that two-third of support of Utahns a law by state.”

But despite these efforts, the Republicans of the state obstructed.

“The two concern which we had of the news of the legislature in the past is that discrimination at the time of recruitment is very rare… and there would be a plethora of frivolous claims” which would charge the national government, indicated Clifford Rosky, a member of the council of Equality Utah who co-wrote the report.


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