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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 22:04

Utah Democratic Party Elected Gay Chairman

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In Utah, the democrat Jim Dabakis, openly gay, was elected State party chairman becoming the first gay to hold this position.

And he largely gained the election by a vote of 528-71!
According to Salt Lake Tribune, Dabakis said his priority would be to win races for Democrats across Utah. He also said he wanted to let Republicans, independents and Latter-day Saints know they are welcome in the Democratic Party.

"I want to talk to LDS people and I want to tell them that we want them in our party, we need them in our party," he said.

"We recognize that they have a great deal to contribute. ... As chair, my commitment is to make sure that LDS people feel comfortable in our Democrat tent. Sometimes, we haven’t been as warm and as inviting as we should be."


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