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Monday, 23 December 2013 23:14

Utah Legalized Marriage Equality

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It's hard to believe Utah passed same-sex marriage so easily and yet, Friday, it became the 18th state to legalize marriage equality!

Federal Judge Robert J. Shelby ruled that the marriage equality ban violated the U.S. Constitution repealing the 2004 amendment which prohibited same-sex couples to marry.

But opponents try recourses. On Saturday, they tried to repeal this decision but, as reports Buzzfeed, two judges of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals held that they would not grant Utah officials’ emergency request to stop same-sex couples from marrying at this time.

Then, the Utah Acting Attorney General Brian Tarbet has also filed a request to stay the ruling and again it failed. According to The Associated Press, on Sunday, a federal appeals court rejected the state's emergency request to stay the ruling, saying it couldn't rule on a stay since Shelby had not yet acted on the motion before him. The court quickly rejected a second request from Utah on Monday. The state plans to ask the court a third time to put the process on hold.

I keep my fingers crossed and hope all attemps will fail. To see Utah, a conservative's bastion, legalizing marriage equality, it is really awesome! It goes to show that all is possible and who knows, perhaps the next one would be Texas where a challenge is in hand.


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