Monday, 05 October 2015 16:08

Vice President Joe Biden Supports LGBT Rights And Expects The Opening Of The Military To Trans* People

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US Vice President Joe Biden said he supports equal marriage and the legislation to protect LGBT people. He would also protect lesbian and gay immigrants and expressed support for the opening of the military to transgender people.

At a gala organized by the organization Human Rights Campaign, Vice President Biden reiterated his support for equal marriage opposing, as did President Obama a few days ago, homophobes, saying «most of them are running for president.»

He also said that transgender people were quite qualified to serve openly in the military. He thus supports the legislation that would allow this and which is being reviewed  by the government.

«No longer is there any question: Transgender people are able to serve in the United States military,» he said.

«It's simple, all Americans who qualify to serve physically should be able to serve.»

We will know in the coming weeks if Joe Biden is running for the US presidency. Biden might be preferred to Hillary Clinton.

Note that Hillary was also invited to this gala and she also supports the opening of the military to trans* people:

«Transgender people are still banned from serving. That is an outdated rule, especially since you and I know there are transgender people in uniform right now. They are just keeping this core part of their identities under wraps because they are so committed to defending our nation. They shouldn't have to do that.»