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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 16:42

VICTORY: DOMA Is Unconstitutional And Prop. 8 Is Repealed

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US Supreme Court




Here is a victory again which is added to the 2013-victories-for-our-community list and what a victory! The United States Supreme Court qualifies DOMA as unconstitutional on the one hand and repealed Proposition 8 on the other hand!


DOMA is unconstitutional

Now that opens up possibilities to us as other repeals in states where marriage equality is banned and as DOMA is recognized unconstitutional, what about a federal recognition?

Indeed, the only barrier for a federal recognition of same-sex marriage was the defense of marriage acte and its section 3 which defines marriage as only an union between a man and a woman. But Chief Justice Roberts made clear that the court did not consider whether states have the right to use "the traditional definition of marriage."

As you know it, the Supreme Court had also to make a decision about two cases challenging DOMA. Good news for Edie Windsor. She will get her $360.000 spent in estate taxes back.


Marriage Equality is back in California!

After years of legal battles, we finally won. The amendment Proposition 8 which prohibits marriage equality is cancelled.

"We have never before upheld the standing of a private party to defend the constitutionality of a state statute when state officials have chosen not to. We decline to do so for the first time here," the majority opinion stated as reports The Supreme Court of United States Blog: SCOTUSblog.


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