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Thursday, 05 January 2012 18:15

VIDEO: Washington Governor Supports Marriage Equality

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GOV christine gregoire

Now we know Governor of Washington supports the legalization of gay marriage.

It is during a press conference yesterday that Governor Christine Gregoire said "it is time in Washington state for marriage equality. It’s the right thing to do."

"Today’s historic announcement from Governor Gregoire shows the momentum from marriage equality in New York and victories around the country is spreading rapidly from coast to coast. With every passing year, we see support for equal marriage rights growing rapidly. A recent poll showed 55% of Washingtonians would vote against a ballot initiative that attempted to repeal a marriage equality bill," Stuart Gaffney of Marriage Equality USA said.

Of couse, there are always republicans to be opposed to it represented by the National Organization for Marriage.

Dan Swecker, Republican senator, told the Bellingham Herald: "It’s too bad we’d try to deal with this issue, that tends to be very divisive, in a year when we have these other major financial issues facing us".

Except that Dan, states don't lost money with gay marriage, that's totally the opposite and that's why it should legalize in all the United States.


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