Wednesday, 08 February 2017 18:00

Virginia House and Senate approved bill allowing anti-LGBT discrimination but Governor McAuliffe has pledged to veto it

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Virginia senate


The House of Representatives and the Senate of Virginia has just passed a bill (HB 2025) that allows organizations to discriminate same-sex couples through their religious or moral beliefs by a 57-37 vote in the house and by a 21-19 vote in the Senate.

Thus it stipulates that "no person shall be required to participate in the solemnisation of any marriage" and that any person discriminating cannot be prosecuted if he/she acted by religion or morality.

"We recognize that religion is a vital part of many Virginians' daily lives, but HB 2025 does not protect religious liberty. Instead, it provides a license to discriminate against loving LGBTQ families," said Equality Virginia Executive Director James Parrish.

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe had vetoed a similar proposal last year and has already pledged to veto this one too. He also signed an executive order prohibiting state agencies from working with companies that discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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