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Thursday, 08 March 2012 22:42

Washington Gay Marriage Opponents Think The Law 'Redefines' The Word Marriage

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Opponents to gay marriage in Washington think that the law recently approuved 'redefines' the word marriage. Rubbish!

It is the kind of thing I find so stupid. First because of course a word does not belong to a group of people and then, if the dictionary changes every year, it is because the language changes, evolves. Yes, you who is opposed to gay marriage, you do not speak like your ancestors. What a big news!

More seriously, as reports the Seattle TimesSeattle Times, the Solicitor General's Office of the Attorney General's Office is responsible for ensuring that language on all state ballot measures is clear, concise and tries to be neutral. In crafting language for a referendum on the recently passed legislation, the state lawyers say that the measure indeed "alters the current meaning of the term marriage."

Use of the word "redefine" is key in the predictable fight over ballot language for Referendum 74, which, if enough valid signatures are gathered, would put the new law to a public vote in November.

On the other hand, the gay marriage supporters explain: "Marriage is not redefined by this law any more than voting was redefined by laws granting African Americans and women the right to vote," they say. And that's so true ...



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