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Wednesday, 09 March 2011 03:16

Washington Recognizes Same-Sex Couples Married Elsewhere

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It is the turn of Washington to recognize the unions registered out of the state.

By a 58-39 vote, the State House largely approved the recognition of unions registered elsewhere.

Laurie Jinkins, who sponsored this bill, said that she wanted to correct what she sees as the unjust exclusion of same-sex marriages from protections for state-registered domestic partnerships reports the Seattle Times.

"This bill is about fairness for all families," Jinkins said. "Right now, there's a hole in the law."

However, this recognition has some limits. A married same-sex couple won't be recognized as a married couple but as a couple under domestic partnership because the current law of Washington state excludes same-sex marriages.

"This is not a big deal - we're not extending any new rights," she said. "It says if you have a marriage in another state, you get a domestic partnership here. You don't get marriage here - you get a domestic partnership."


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