Monday, 03 March 2014 16:48

Washington To Ban 'Anti-Gay Cures' For Minors

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Like California and New Jersey, the state of Washington could adopt a law which would prohibit 'anti-gay cures' to minors.

A bill which would prevent health care providers from performing what they call 'reparatives' therapies or 'conversion' therapies for minors was recently introduced in Washington.

Already, the states' House approved this bill by a 94-4 vote. The House Bill 2451 goes from now on to the Senate.

Even Republicans seem to agree. Rep. Richard DeBolt said: "As a Christian person, I can’t stand by and watch someone be put through a tortuous practice to change a behavior.»

Other similar bills were also introduced in Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. On the other hand, the one in Virginia was rejected by a House committee.